Un guerrier mandingue

Un guerrier mandingue



A Miracle

Millions of pilgrims go to Lourdes, a world famous city located in France, praying and hoping for wonderful miracles. Jacques did not need to go that far away. A miracle happened on his balcony, back in the nineties.

Click on the following link: African Football, and you’ll read the French story of a miracle. If you – just like me – don’t believe in miracles, you’ll be amazingly surprised. Such things can happen. Sometimes. To some people. Till now, the only miracle I could experience in my life is to collect millions of problems. Hopefully your experience is much better than mine.

See you.


Flying Business Class with Air Internet

In the near future, I’ll proudly present to you some of the most important persons of our world : The Yellow Pages People of Senegal. Mbour will be our first stop. There are a lot of small businesses in Mbour.


Les voyageurs de notre Classe Affaires : Les indispensables de toute ville, petite comme Mbour, ou grande comme New York ou Paris ! Ceux sans qui nous ne serions rien, mais rien du tout. Dans cette rubrique, vous rencontrez des petits commerces du Sénégal.

Nous commencerons par ceux de Mbour La Belle Poubelle, capitale de la Petite Côte, petite ville qui fut si belle et qui pourrait encore le redevenir si seulement les bras musclés –qui n’y font pas défaut– savaient tenir un … balai et acceptaient de s’en servir.




Hi guys!

Please, don’t be mad at me. Some serious private matters need to be addressed. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Je vais vous abandonner pendant quelque temps. Je reviendrai dès que possible. Promis, juré.


Lueur d’espoir


Lueur d'espoir

Lueur d’espoir sur la terre africaine – Light of Hope in Africa