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. caa (ex) ooh!-exclamation, surprise. Caa! Dem na bayi ma. Ooh! He went and left me.
. caa (n) stew
. caabi (n) key. Caabi moto laa amee. I’m holding a car key.
. caabi (v) to lock. Caabi na neeg bi. She locked the house.
. caacaay (n) mischieve. Caacaay gu bon leñu def. They did a very bad mischievous thing.
. caadi-caadi (v) to roll on the ground. Soo gisee ni muy caadi-caadee. If you see how he was rolling on the ground with pain.
. caaf (n) roasted peanuts. Indil ma caaf sooy ñow. Bring me roasted peanut when coming.
. caameñ (n) brother. Kii suma caameñ la. This person is my brother.
. caamoñ (n) left hand. Bul lekkee sa caamoñ bi. Don’t eat with your left hand.
. caangaay (n) shroud.
. caapa (n) vagina.
. caas (n) fishing line, tendon, muscle. Jën bi dog na caas bi. The fish has cut the fishing line.
. caat (n) last child of the parents. Caat mooy xoli waajur yi. The last child is the parents sweet heart.
. caaxaan (n) a joke, be kidding. Lii caaxaan la. This is a joke.
. caaxaankat (n) joker, jester. Kii caaxaankat la. This person is a joker.
. caaxoñ (n) gills. Tuur na caaxoñ yi ci pax mi. He threw the gills in the gutter.
. caaya (n) local pants. Imaam bi caaya rek la soppa. The imam prefers local pants only.
. cabax (inten) stab (expression). Paaka bi la ne cabax ci biiram bi. He stabbed him in his stomach.
. cabba (n) bunch. Mungi am cabba caabi. He has a bunch of keys.
. cacca (n) theft. Caaca bi doy na waar. The theft was terrible.
. cafko/cafka (n) flavour. Su amul cafko duy saf. If it doesn’t have flavour, it won’t be tasty.
. cagga (n) prostitute, whore, hooker. Cagga baaxul. A prostitute is not good.
. caggatu (n) prostitution. Caggatu lu xaraam la. Prostitution is a forbidden thing.
. caku (n) parrot
. caŋ (va) to be stucked. Caŋ na ci potopoto bi. He is stuck in the mud.
. carax (n) flip-flops, slippers. Denca naa suma carax yi. I kept my flip- flops.
. cas grab quickly (expression). Dafa ko ne cas. He grabbed it quickly.
. casgin (adj) mood, trend. Nekkuma ci casgin bóobu. I am not in that mood.
. cat (n) edge, woe, apex, ill-fortune, sharp-edge. Demal be ca cat bi nga turne. Go up to the edge, then turn. (?)
. caw (v) to beat with tiny stick. Caw na xale bi ak banti bale. She beats the kid with a broom stick.
. cax (n) puzzles, shark. Dimbale ma ci ay cax. Help me with some puzzles.
. caxa (n) local beeds worn around the neck. Amuma caxa. I don’t have local beads.
. ceeb (n) rice. Ceeb bi dafa am sax. The rice has worms.
. cere (n) food made of millet (coos). Cere moo gëna neex maalo. Coos-coos is more delicious than rice.
. cet (n) hygiene, cleaniness. Nit dafa wara cet. A person should be hygienic.
. céetal (n) honeymoon. Yaaxa na xaalis bu bari ci céetal am gi. He spent extravagantly during his honeymoon.
. céet (n) wedding ceremony. Céet bi neex na. The wedding is fantastic.
. cële/cëla (n) junction, crossroad. Fii cëla la. Here is a junction.
. cër (n) share, respect, body part. Cër la jox mag yi. He gave the elders respect.
. cërpi-cërpi (adj) jump about in a confuse manner. Looy cërpi-cërpi. What are you jumping about?
. ci (prep) in there, the, to, with, at. Dem na ci marse bi. He went to the market.
. ciif (n) provincial chief.
. ciiñ (n) gum. Ciiñ gu neewi. Swollen gum.
. cim/cem/cam (ex) expression of disgust. Mungee cim rekk. He is expressing disgust.
. cin (n) food, cooking pot. Cin li reyut. The cooking pot is not big.
. cof (v) to barely touch. Dafa cof seexa si. It barely touched the cock.
. cofel (n) faith. Cofel lu maaga la ci doom aadama. Faith is very important in a human being.
. cófit (ex) pick up quickly. Dafa ne mbuuru mi cofit. He picked up the bread quickly.
. colin (n) way of dress, fashion. Sa colin bii neexuma. I don’t like your way of dressing.
. compa (v) to take a small bit. Compa ci tuuti. Take a small bit of it.
. cóñcó (v) to elbow, elbow (n). Dafa ko cóñcó ci géeméñ. He elbowed him on his mouth.
. coobare (n) pleasure, whim, intention. Lii du suma coobare.This is not my pleasure.
. coof (n) name of a fish. Coof laa bugga tooga tey. I want to cook ‘coof’ today.
. cooka (n) pubic hair. Watal sa cooka yi. Shave your pubic hair.
. cookéer (n) bush fowl-known to be wise. Dafa muus kom comkéer. He is as wise as a bush fowl
. cóola (n) clitoris. Cóola dafa booka ci ceri jigéen. The clitoris is part of the female organs (?)
. coono (n) difficulty, struggle, suffering. Mungee coono pur ñibi. He is struggling to return back home.
. cooral (v) to throw with fare. Dafa cooral xeer bi. He threw the rock with fare.
. coota (n) clitoris.
. coow (n) noise. Coow amul njériñ. Loud talk has no use.
. coro (n) boyfriend (lover). Amul coro dafa lamba. She doesn’t have a love; she is outdated.
. cosaan (n) tradition, custom. Njamu suñu cosaan la. Tattooing of the gum, lips and chin is our tradition.
. cox (n) chaff. Joxal canaari yi cox bi. Give the geese the chaff.
. coy (n) police (slang), parrot. Am naa coy. I have a parrot.
. cu (n) stew. Cu diwier laa gëna bugga. Palm oil stew I like most.
. cubalo (n) fisherman. Am naa xarit cubalo. I have a fisherman friend.
. cumbux (inten) plunge in (expression). Loxom bi la ne cumbux ci ndox mi. She plunged her hand in the water.
. cur/coy (inten) very, intense (color). Deret gi xonxa na cur. The blood is very red.
. curux (inten) slip in unexpectedly. Danga curux ci kabineet be. You slipped in the bedroom unexpectedly.
. cus (n) nipple, teat. Deñ tuuti cus yi. The nipples are small.
. cuub (n) dye, tye-dye. Cuub be rafet na. The dyed material is niced.
. cuuc (n) chick. Cuuc bi dee na. The chick died.
. cuucu (n) penis (term used for small boys).
. cuuraa (n) porridge. Toogal cuuraa gerte. Cook peanut porridge.
. cuuraay (n) incense. Jaay ma cuuraay. Sell me incense.
. cuut/cuuc (v) to prick. Bul ma cuut. Don’t prick me.
. cuuté/cuuce (va) to be something that pricks. Purse bangee cuuté. The needle is pricking me.
. cuxuñ (v) to poke. Mungee cuxuñ saaket bi. It is poking the fence.


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