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. eb (v) to load. Eb leeñ bagaas yi. Load the luggage.
. ebal (v) to send, to delegate. Ebal neñu ndaw ci ndaie me. They sent a delegate to the meeting.
. eboo (ex) a term used to indicate there is no choice (?). Soo eboo ñibi. If you want, go home.
. ebu (va) to be interested in, pack one’s belonging. (?) Ebu nga ci suma affeer. You are very interested in my affairs.
. ee (v) to call someone’s attention, wake someone up. Ee ñowal! You, come here!
. eebi (v) to unload. Waa dekka bi eebi neñu dundu gi. The villagers have unloaded the food.
. eeda (v) to advice. Kii soxlut eeda. This person doesn’t need advice.
. eedakat (n) adviser. Saam mooy woon suma eedakat. Sam was my adviser.
. éefar (n) pagan. Kul amul diiné éefar la. Anyone who has no religion is a pagan.
. éeg (v) to climb. Bul éeg dinga daanu. Don’t climb. You will fall down.
. eega (v) to arrive. War neñoo egga leegi. They should reach now.
. éega (v) to arrive at. Wox ji waruta éega fofu. The discussion should not arrived at that.
. éegali (v) to complete, to finish. Ndax éegali nga li ma la santoon? Did you complete what I asked you to do?
. éegéee (v) to deliver a message. Éegée ngeen ma baneex. You’ve delivered a joyful message to me.
. eel (n) shin. Dafa gaañu ci eel. He has hurt his shin.
. eeloo (v) to merit, to deserve. Danga mun sa ligeey moo tax nga eeloo ko. You are able to do your work that’s why you merit it.
. eemba (va) to be sane, normal. Kii xale bu eemba la. This is a normal child.
. eembadi (va) to be insane, abnormal. Yow ku embadi nga. You are an insane person.
. éemu (va) to be devoted, aim at. Moon dafa éemu ci yalla. He devoted himself to God.
. éen (n) eyebrow. War ngaa waañi sa éen yi. You should reduce your eyebrows.
. eendal (v) to spend a day. Maa lay eendal. I will spend the day with you.
. eendu (v) to spend the day. Mangee eendu ji ca Momodou. I am spending the day at Momodou’s house.
. éené (v) to wish wholeheartedly. Éené na la bu baax. He wish you the best.
. ees/bees (adj) very new, fresh. Saleengi sol daala bu eesa-ees. Sally has brand new shoes on.
. eeta (v) to carve. Eeta dafa metti. Carving is difficult.
. eeta (n) carve, front yard. Bale leen eeta bi be mu set. Sweep the front yard until it’s clean.
. eew (v) to tie. Mbaa sammakat gi eew na xar yi. I hope the shepherd tied the sheep.
. eewoo (v) to wake up with, wake up at. Tey dama eewoo mer. Today I woke up being upset.
. eewu (va) to be awake, to be enlightened, to wake up. Dama teela eewu. I woke up early.
. egsi/agsi (v) Gan gi egsi na. The guest has arrived.
. ekateku (v) to be chipped, lift up and raised. Siliŋ be dafa eekateku. The ceiling is chipped.
. ekati (v) to chip. Ku eekati banta bi? Who chipped the log?
. ëkati (v) to lift. Ëkatil xale bi dafa soona tëdda. Lift the child, he is tired of lying.
. ëkka (n) male cow, bull. Duma jaay suma yëkka yi. I will not sell my bulls.
. ëkka (adj) stump, hectar, oxen. Daaw beyoon naa juróomi ëkka.
. Elimaan (n) Imam, mosque head. Elmaami bi yaram la. The Eliman is a revered person.
. ëllëk (n) tomorrow. Ëllëk, duñu am garab su nu dogee taati garab yi yep. If we cut all the trees there will be no trees tomorrow.
. em (va) to be fit, have the same size, careful. Yemal fii oorut. Be careful, it is not safe here.
. em (to fit, have the same size. Mbubbam bi em na ko. His shirt fits him.
. emadi (v) to be restless. Bugguma nit ku emadi. I don’t like a restless buddy.
. emale (v) to measure, trim. Wox ko mu emale ko. Tell him to trim the edges.
. emale (va) to be make fit, make calm. Emalel ma sipa bi. Make the skirt so it fits me.
. en (v) to head, load, put a load on one’a. En ma saaku bi. Put the bag on my head.
. en (n) luggage. Aparante bangee eegal en bi. The apprentice is loading the luggage.
. ëna (adj) be fermented, smell bad, be dirty. Cere bi ëna na. The coos-coos has fermented.
. endu ( v) to spend the day. Tey fii lay endu. I will spend the whole day here today.
. enu (v) to carry on the head. Enul lal bi ma tiye epons bi. Carry the bed on your head let me hold the mattress.
. eñ (v) to lift up, to roll, to turn. Jigéen waruta eñ yeram ci biir ndaje. A woman shouldn’t lift up her clothes in public.
. epons (n) sponge, foam. Binta soxla na epons ci lalan bi. Binta needs a foam on her bed.
. esaans (n) petrol. Dafa ñaaka esaans. He has no petrol.
. esaanseer (n) petrol/ gas station. Joan jëli na esaans ci esaanseer bi. Joan has gone to get gas at the petrol station.
. esen (v) to scratch, to itch. Esen nga sa ganaaw gi. You have scratched your back.
. estuwaar (n) calamity, crime. Baayil di ékati estuwaar. Stop creating calamity.
. et (n) stick, log. Bul ko dooree et bi. Don’t beat him with the stick.
. ey (adj) be innocent, oh! (expression). Moo ey. He has proven his innocence.


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