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. fa (da) there. Pitax bangi fa. The pigeon is there.
. faaca (v) to burst. Mbuus bi faaca na. The bag has bursted.
. faar (n) rib. Suma faar yaay meeti. My ribs are aching.
. faaru (v) to impress someone. Musu la Omar don faaru. Omar was trying to impress Musu.
. faas (n) inquisitiveness, beard. Faas jiko ju bon la. Inquisitiveness is a bad habit.
. faate (v) to forget. Bul faate li ma la wox. Don’t forget what I told you.
. faateleku (v) to remember. Yangee faateleku xarkanaman gi. Do you remember his face?
. Faatu (n) name, lady’s name. Faatu laa tudda. My name is Faatu.
. faatu (v) to die. Ku feebar ki faatu na démba. The patient died yesterday.
. faj (v) to cure, treat, heal, solve. Doktor bi faj na ko. The doctor has cured him.
. fajar (n) dawn. Eewu fajar yombut. To wake up at dawn is not easy.
. fajkat (n) healer. Waajiiy mooy fajkati yax yuy meeti. This guy is the rheumatism healer.
. faju (v) to cure oneself. Danga wara faju pur wër. You should cure yourself to be healthy.
. fakatalu (v) to stumble, kick unexpectedly with the toe. Faatu angee soox, dafa fakatalu. Faatu is limping, she stumbled.
. fal (v) to elect. Laay leñu bugga fal. We want to elect Laay.
. fale/félé (dem) there. Mbubit maanga fale. The trash is there.
. falu (va) to be elected, to germinate. Weer yii la falu. He was elected these last months.
. fan (n) day. Tey ñetti fan la. Today is the third day.
. fan (inten) where. Fan nga demoon? Where have you been to?
. fanaal (n) lantern boat. Jappaleen fanaal bi balaa moo daanu. You all hold the lantern boat before it falls.
. fanaan (v) to spend the night. Ci suma xarit laa fanaan. I spent the night at my friend’s house.
. fanaanal (v) to spend the night sometime. Fanaanal fii tey. Spend the night here today.
. fanaane (v) to spend the night with. Koo fanaane? Whom did you spend the night with?
. Fande (n) surname.
. fande (va) to be late for something, to be on the rocks, be stranded. Faatu fande na añ.Fatou was late for lunch.
. fanweer (n) thirty. Fanweeri fan a nekka ci weer wi. There are thirty days in the month.
. fanxa (v) to prevent. Garab gii moy fanxa jangoro gii. This medicine prevents this disease.
. far (v) to (?) boyfriend, be thick, partake, to erase. Dama namma suma far bi. I miss my boyfriend.
. faral (v) to take sides, to partake. Man moom laa faral. I take sides with her.
. farata (n) obligation (religion), something essential. Farata la pur di juli woxti yi juróom. It is obligatory to pray five times daily.
. faraw (va) to be impatient. Mag waruta faraw. An elderly person should not be fussy.
. farax-raxi (v) to walk fastly. Góor gangee farax-raxi. The man is walking fast.
. farlu (va) to be dedicated, be devoted. Ndaw sii farlu na ci liggéeyam bi torop. This lady is very dedicated to her job.
. fas (n) horse. Fas bi lokka na ngooñam bi. The horse has eaten its hay.
. fas (v) to make a knot, eat liquid food with the bare hand. (?)
. fas (va) to be inconsiderate (slang). Kii fas la xamul dara. This person is inconsiderate.
. fase (va) to be divorced, to divorce. Bul fase sa jabar ju baax ji. Don’t divorce your good wife.
. fasoŋ (adv) type, fashion, kind. Ñawal ma fasoŋi tubey bii. Sew this kind of pants for me.
. fasoo (n) porridge, muscle.
. fasoo (va) to be prepared, to be prepared for a purpose. Billy tey roose la fasoo. Billy prepared for watering today.
. fasu (va) to be tied, be entangled. Buum bi dafa fasu ci cat be. The thread is tied at the edge.
. fat (adv) swiftly, very much.
. fat (v) to lodge. Laaree ko fat balaa muy am néeg. Larry lodged him before he got a house.
. fata (adj) be gorgeous (slang), different, to patch. Fata nga. You are gorgeous.
. fata (v) to patch, wean, part, leave alone. branch off. Masoŋ be fata na pex yi ci néeg bi yep. The mason patched all the holes in the house.
. fatarñi (v) to remove patching materials. Mungi fatarñi. He is removing the patching materials.
. faw (adv) forever. Mungee ñibi be faw. He is going home forever.
. faxa (v) to remove with force, pluck. Beykat yi deñu faxa jiw yi. The farmers removed the plants with force.
. faxas (v) to sweep, to clear, to dust. Faxas na palaat yi ci taabul bi. She cleared the plates from the table.
. faxeeku (v) to come from, originated. Ban dekka la faxeeku? Which country does he come from?
. fay (n) thrown, person’s name, surname.
. fay (v) to leave home in anger, throw, abandon, the act of separating during a matrimony problem (temporally). Jabaram fay na dipi demba. His wife left home since yesterday.
. fay kat (n) payer.
. fay kat kattou mak (n) paymaster.
. fayda (adv) personality, respect. Moom ku am fayda la. He is a person who has personality.
. faydaal (av) to make important, add value, make worthwhile, important.
Dangeen wara faydaal wox ji. You should make this discussion worthwhile or important.
. feebar (va) to be sick, disease, sickness, illness. Dipi daaw la feebar. He was sick since last year.
. feec (ex) be full (expression). Saaku feec la am. He has a full bag.
. feecali (v) to fill up. Ñungee feecali seen siwo yi. They are filling up their buckets.
. feeci (v) to untie. Bul feeci buum bi. Don’t untie the rope.
. feelit (n) chip, a splinter. Lii feelit la. This is a splinter.
. feelu (v) to give a hand, contribute to, help in. Kaay feelu ma ci sampa néeg bi. Come and assist me in the building of the house.
. feene (n) cream. Feenee bi neex na. The cream is sweet.
. feeñ (v) to be found, retrieved, to appear. Yére yi réeroom feeñ neñu. The lost clothes are found.
. feeñal (v) to reveal, expose, denounce. Feeñal na seekere bi. He has revealed the secret.
. feer (n) iron. Abal ma feer ma paase. Lend me an iron to iron/press.
. fees (va) to be full up, be fixed. Lekka naa be suma biir bi fees. I ate until my tummy is full.
. feet (n) celebration, feast. Léegi suñu feet bi kumaase. Soon our feast will start.
. feeta (v) to sting, crack, to shoot an arrow. Kaas bi feeta na. The cup has cracked.
. féex (va) to be airy, used to describe condition that is getting better. Tey biti bi féex na torop. Today the weather is airy.
. fekka (v) to meet. Mungi ñu wara fekka ci gaaraas bi. She should meet us at the car park.
. fekkee (v) to witness. Ñoo fekkee xeex gi. We witnessed the fight.
. fel (n) flea. Fel yangi fu nekka. The fleas are everywhere.
. fen (n) to tell a lie. Fen baaxul. To tell a lie is not good.
. fendeeku (va) to be mature. Janxa bi fendeeku na léggi. The girl is mature now.
. fendi (va) to be drained. Soow bi fendi bi. The cream has been drained.
. fenkat (n) liar. Xale bi dafa bugga nekka fenkat. The child wants to become a liar.
. fer (n) low ride, bead belt. May ma fer ma takka ko gi suma ndigga bi. Give me a bead belt. I want to tie it around my waist.
. fer (adv) very, completely.
. feral (v) to wean. Ëllëk laa koy feral. I am going to wean him tomorrow.
. fere (v) to spend alone, by oneself. Dama fere lu bari ci maarse bi. I spent a lot in the market.
. fere depaas (n) spend a day, spell.
. ferej (v) to mince, slice, chop. Ferej naa liñoŋ bi. I’ve sliced the onions.
. fete (v) to scrub clothes. Fete moo dee teela seetal fóot. Scrubbing makes a laundry clean quickly.
. fetel (v) to shoot. Bul ma fetel lel. Do not shoot me please.
. fetel (n) gun. Fetel la ko reyee. He killed it with a gun.
. fexe (v) to seek a way, try, to attempt, manage. Ndaxam mungee fexe bu baax. In fact, she is trying hard.
. fey (v) to turn off, to pay, switch off. Fey ma suma xaalis. Pay me my money.
. feyeeku (v) to receive one’s pay, to revenge, to avenge. Mune dina feyeeku. He said he will revenge.
. feyi (n) smother.
. feyu (v) to revenge, retaliate, claim one’s due, avenge.
. fécca (n) a dance. Dama bugga fécca ndaga. I want to dance ndaga.
. fécca (v) to dance. Man munatumaa fécca. I cannot dance anymore.
. féccakat (n) a dancer. Kii féccakat bu mag la. This person is a great dancer.
. fédagéew (va) to be too much in a gathering, abnormal behaviour. Xale bale dafa fédagéew torop. That child is too much.
. féela (v) to chip. Kaasi weer bi feela na. The glass cup is chipped.
. féepa (n) anywhere, any place, everywhere. Féepa foo dem, mangi sa bóor. Anywhere you go, I am at your side.
. féetéeku (v) to fall hard. Ci kow taati mango bi la féetéeku. He fell hard from the mango tree.
. féewi-féwi (v) to jump in a confused manner. Looy féewi-féwi nii? What are you jumping about helter-skelter?
. féexlu (v) to take rest in an airy place. This is a daily activity; monthly in the summer.Mangee féexlu ci ron garab gi. I am taking a rest under the tree.
. féey (v) to swim. Dama bugga féey ci géej gi. I want to swim in the ocean.
. féetée (v) to take sides, face, partake, be located. Móo féetée woon wax ji. He took sides in the case.
. fëlé (dem) there. Suñu liggéeyukaay ange fëlé. Our office is out there.
. fëgël (v) to complete, finish. Tey laa fëgël suma aye bi. I finished my turn today.
. fici (v) to grain a fabric, unite. Fici nga cati malaan bi. You grain the sharong edge.
. fiddiwol (n) string. Daf ko jox fiddiwol. He gave me a string.
. fii (dem) here, this place. Fii ngeen dekka. You all live there.
. fii (n) sow.
. fiil (n) cable, wire. War neñu jënda fiil. We should buy wires.
. fiim (n) film. Am naa fiim bu neex. I have a nice film.
. fiip (n) the sound of blowing your nose. Ñandul (fiip). (?) Blow your nose.
. fiir (va) to be jealous. Jëkkëram dafa fiir torop. Her husband is very jealous.
. fiire (va) to be jealous of. Dafa maa fiiree ad sumaa far. She is jealous of my boyfriend.
. fiiriir (v) to fry. Bugguma jën buñu fiiriir. I don’t like fish which is fried.
. fiix (va) to be liberal. Kii dafa fiix torop. This person is very liberal.
. fiixlu (v) to take a rest in an airy environment. Yangee fiilu ci taati pere bi. You are taking a rest at the beach.
. findi (v) to blacken.
. findi (n) cereal, the tiniest type of millet. Munumaa defar findi. I cannot make cereal.
. fipu (v) to retaliate, to rebel. Waa ji fipu na paski dafa torox. The guy has retaliated because he suffered.
. firdu (n) fula, tribe, type of fula found in the fullad stretch. (?) Moom poli firdu la. He is a firdu fula.
. fireeku (va) to undo braids, be broad. Fireeku na. I have undone my braids.
. fir-firi (adj) run in a confused manner, run about. What children do when they play.Mungee fir-firi kom ku jappa. He is running like a busy person.
. firi (v) to spread, undo, flower. Bul firi darab bi. Do not spread the bedsheet.
. firndé (n) translation, puzzle. Yaa wara def firndé ci soose. You should translate in mandinka.
. fit (n) courage. Yow danga am fit. You have courage.
. fita (v) to sweep, shoot with arrows, wipe, a blow. Bi ñoo xeex deni doon fita wante.They were shooting each other with blows (?).
. fitaxu (v) to write. Biiram beey meeti moo tax muy fitaxu. His stomach is causing pain. That’s why he is writhing.
. fitna (n) worry, trouble. Fitna baaxut ci bena bërëb. Worriness is not good in one place.
. fiw (adj) form of a stomach upset. Dafa fiw. He has a stomach upset.
. fo (conj) only, or, whether, if.
. fo (int) tag question maker.
. fo (n) must
. fo (postp) to, till, expect, upto.
. fo (v) to play, joke, say, kid, tell, till. Damaa fo. I am kidding.
. fo (adv) much, so.
. fob/tab (v) to pick up, take, carry. Naa fob suma doom gi te ñibi. Let me pick up my child and go home.
. foee/foyee (v) to joke with. Bul ko foee. Don’t joke with him.
. fog (n) must.
. fog/foog (v) to think, to estimated, to speculate. Foog na ne dina doy. He thinks it will be enough.
. fogga (v) to knock, to dust. Fogga naa bunta bi ballaa maa dugga. I knocked on the door before I entered.
. fokat (n) joker, jester (indicate adultery/unserious person). Kooku fokat la. That person is a joker.
. fóla (v) to slip in unexpectedly, to go through, to appear, penetrate. Dafa fóla ci ganáaw.It went through the back.
. fompa (v) to wipe, to clean. Bërëb yi dénu ken wara fompa be ñu set. We should wipe the places clean.
. fómpu (v) to wipe. Yéen ñep fompu ngeen ci sagar bi. You all wiped yourself with the cloth.
. fónax (va) to be dirty, to be rotten. Fii dafa fónax. This place is dirty.
. fonde (n) porridge, pap. Jëndal ma fonde ci cëlo bi. Buy pap for me at the junction.
. fonka (v) to respect, to revere. Danga wara fonka sa boopa njëkka. You should first give yourself respect.
. foo (adv) where, a contraction of fan and nga. Foo demom dëmba? Where have you been to yesterday?
. foo (v) to miss, lose, fail, fail to fire (gun).
. foo (adj) very dirty
. foo (vn) saying, telling
. foofu (dem) there. Foofu leñoo yoobu gan yi. It’s there we are taking the guests.
. fooj (v) to forge, pretend. Dafaa fooj ne dafa feebar pur baña ligéey. He is pretending that he is sick to avoid work
. fooli (v) to demote, to dethrone. Deñu ko fóli. He is demoted.
. fooma (v) to cancel. Deñu buggoona fooma suñu tukki bi. We wanted to cancel our traveling plans.
. fóon (v) to kiss, smell. Ñun duñuy fóon ante ci biir nit ñi. We do not kiss each other in public.
. foor (adj) important, influential, honourable, powerful. (people, things, places, etc.).Nijaayam ku foor la ci nguur gi. His uncle is very influential in the government.
. fóot (v) to do laundry, wash clothes. Sa yéré yi laay fóot tey. I am laundrying your clothes today.
. fooxa (v) to pluck. Boñam bi la fooxa. He pulled his tooth out.
. fooy (adj) where are you? Fooy fanaan? Where are you spending the night?
. for (v) to pick, collect, scavenge. For naa benna xale ci mbedda mi. I picked a child on the street.
. foraatu (n) picking up things, scavenginh. Ganaar gangee foraatu lekka. The chicken is scavenging food.
. forog (n) frock. Ñawal ma forog ak tubéy. Sew a frock and pants for me.
. forot (adj) fraud. Nguur gi buggul forot. The government dislikes fraud.
. forox (va) to be sour. Maango bu norul dafay forox.
. foroxal (va) to make, become sour. Yangee foroxal sa domaodaa bi. You are making your peanut sauce sour.
. forse (v) to force. Ligéey bu aanda ak forse duy baax. A forceful job is not efficient.
. fóxale (va) to be greedy. Yow danga fóxale torop. You are very greedy.
. foroj (adj) dislocation, sprain. Foxoj dafa métti. Sprain is painful.
. foxoju (v) to have a sprain, have a dislocation. Dafa foxoju. He has a sprain.
. föt (v) to choke. A fish bone choked you. Yaxa ma föt. I am choked by a fish bone.
. fu (adv) where. Contraction of fan moo. Fu lekka bi nekka? Where is the food located?
. fu nekka (n) everywhere. Wór neñu fu nekka. We have roamed everywhere.
. fudda (v) to iron, throw, stretch, press. Fudda na ko ci mbalit mi. He threw it at the trash bin.
. fuddan (n) henna. Fuddan dafaa dee rafetal téstan. Henna makes the heel look beautiful.
. fuddanu (v) to apply henna on palm, foot to show feminity. Ñungee fuddanu pur parel xew gi. They are applying henna to prepare for the feast.
. fuddu (v) to stretch oneself. Yangee fuddu xanaa danga tayi? You are stretching, are you tired?
. fufu (n) cassava dough. Fufu mooy lekka bi ma gënna neex. Fufu is my favourite dish.
. fukka (n) ten. Fukka la binda. He wrote ten.
. fukkeel (n) tenth. Lii moy suma fukkeel yoon. This is my tenth time.
. fulaar (n) scarf, head tie. Fulaar bi rafet na waay deñu seer. This scarf is nice but it is expensive.
. fuléeku (va) to be flayed. Lutax lii fuléeku? Why is this flayed?
. fuli (v) to flay. Dinaa fuli der bi. I will flay the skin.
. fulla (adj) dignity, self-respect.
. funki (va) to be swollen. Biiram beey funki. His stomach is swelling.
. furi (v) to fade, loose value. Piis bii dina furi soo ko footée. This fabric will fade if you wash it.
. furno (n) coal pot, habachi. Mooy toogee furno bi. She’s the one cooking with the coal pot.
. furset (n) fork. Jox ma furset bi. Give me the fork.
. fusal (v) to fart. Xale bi fusal na. The child has farted.
. futéeku (v) to be undressed. Waa ju futéeku na. The man is undressed.
. futi (v) to undress. Mungee futi xale bi. He is undressing the child.
. futta (n) blister. Tankaam bi futa na. Her foot has blistered.
. fuuf (v) to blow air. Fuuf na balum bi. She blew air into the balloon.
. fuur (n) bakery, oven. Fuur bii moo dee defar mbuuru yu rafet. This bakery makes beautiful bread.
. fuur (v) to roast (slang). Mungee fuur ganaar gi. She’s roasting the chicken.
. fuuy (va) to be proud. Ku dafa fuuy torop. This person is very proud.
. fuxi (v) to pull off from, to pull off, to unplug. Fuxi na buteel bi. He pulled the bottle.
. fuy (adj) where is? Fuy métti ci sa yaram wi? Which part of your body is aching?
. fuy (v) to massage.


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