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. óbbëli (v) to yawn. Xaj bangee óbbëli. The dog is yawning.
. óf (v) to put out, extinguish, fan. Duñu muna lekka ñam bi su ko ófut. We cannot eat food if we don’t fan it.
. og (v) to lift up (a garment). Bul og sa sipa bi. Don’t lift up your skirt.
. olbati (v) to turn. Faatu dafa olbati mbubaam mi. Fatou has turned her dress.
. olof (n) wolof. Jabari olof laa bugga bii yoon. I want a wolof wife this time.
. ómba (va) to put together, to be pregnant. Ómba naa suma yéré yi pur fóot. I have gathered my clothes for laundry.
. onka (v) to moan. Yangee onka kom ku biir. You are moaning like a pregnant person.
. oŋ (v) to strike on the head. Oŋ na ko bu baax. He struck him in the head very hard.
. oo (v) to call. Oo naa ko waay ouyu wuma. I called her but she didn’t answer me.
. ooda (v) to clothe, to wrap oneself with a piece of cloth around the waist. Duma la ooda leegi. Now I will not wrap it around you (?).
. ooga (n) lump. Rotal fa ooga bi. Drop the lump in there.
. ooka (v) to scratch. Janxa bangi may ooka. The girl is scratching me.
. ookatu (v) to scratch, to scratch oneself. Mangee ookatu rekk. I am only scratching myself.
. óolu (v) to trust. Samba óolu na borom bitik bi. Samba trusts the shopkeeper.
. oom (va) to be abundant, plenty. Lii dafa fi óom. This is plenty here.
. óom (n) knee. Suma óom bi dafa rexa. My knee is dislocated.
. oomba (v) to hem. Ne ko mu oombal ma ko. Tell him to hem it for me.
. oopa (va) to be sick, illness. Doctor be ne xale bi dafa oopa. The doctor says that the child is sick.
. oor (v) to keep fast. Illiman bi ne ñu oor tey. The Imam says that we should fast today.
. oor (n) jewelry, gold. Suma jaaruyi oor piir leñu. My rings are pure gold.
. óor (va) to be safe/saved (?). Defal lu óor nga noppalekku. Do something safe (?) and be at ease.
. oote (n) call, elections. Dinaa sani karta su soote jote. I will vote if elections are due.
. ooyi/oy (v) to skim, scrape. Ooyi na feewe bi. She has skinned the cream.
. oppa (v) to fan. Oppa ma, dama tangaay. Fan me. I am hot.
. óppa (va) to be too much, to be in excess. Lii dafa oppa. This is too much.
. oppal (va) to be too much. Dafa dee oppal. She’s usually too much.
. or (va) to betray, disappoint. Mbindaan mi daf ma or. The maid has disappointed me.
. ordasawel (n) bleach. Duy ordasawel yeream yi. She doesn’t bleach her clothes.
. orkat (n) betrayer. Waajii orkat la. This man is a betrayer.
. os (n) grate. Sijeer bangi ci os bi. The cooking pot is on the grate.
. oto/woto (n) vehicle, car. Sa oto bi dafa rafet. Your car is nice.
. otoraay (n) train. Otoraay bii mooy dem be Mali. This is the train that goes up to Mali.
. otu (v) to avoid. Otu ko, dafay gaane. Avoid it. It hurts.
. ów (v) to frame, mount. Mungee ów téeréem yi. He is mounting his amulets.
. oy/ooyi (v) to skim. Dafa oy deri concom bi. She’s scrapped the skin off her elbow.
. oyof (va) to be light, be weightless. Xeer yii dañu oyof. These stones are weightless.
. oyofal (v) to lighten, make easy. Bi mu jeebaloo la oyafal kanam gi. His face lightened as he apologized.


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