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. raaba (v) to weave. Raaba meeti na. To weave is difficult.
. raabakat (n) weaver. Raabakat bi gaawut ci legeey am. The weaver is slow with his job.
. raaca (v) to spread. Dinaa ko raaca ci pallat bi. I will spread it on the plate.
. raacu (va) to be spread. Racuwut bu baax. It is not well spread.
. raaf (va) to be finished. Taati mango bi raaf na. The mango tree is finished.
. raaga (va) to be depreciated, be haggered. Mariyaama dafa raaga torop. Mariam is very haggered.
. raam (v) to crawl. Dafaa janga raam. He is learning to crawl.
. raañe (v) to distinguish, to recognize. Mun uma raañe siix yi. I cannot distinguish the twins.
. raax (v) to plaster with cement/mud. Dama bugga raax nëk bi ak siment. I want to plaster the house with cement.
. raay (v) to rub, skid (lightly). Raay ko ndanka. Rub it gently.
. rab (n) animal. Rab yu bari nekka a aala bi. There are many animals in the forest.
. raf (v) to tickle, twinkle. Sa bot bangee raf. Your eye is twinkling.
. rafet (va) to be nice, beautiful. Jabar bu rafet laay taka bii yoon. I will marry a beautiful wife this time.
. ragal (va) to be afraid, be frightful. Dafa ragal goroom. She is afraid of her in-law.
. ragga (v) to scrub. Ragga ko be mu set. Scrub it until it’s clean.
. raj (v) to end. Sabar gi dina raj leegi. The drumming will end soon.
. rajo (n) radio. Suma rajo bi dafa paan. My radio in faulty.
. rakku (n) younger (sibling). Benna rakka bu góor nga am. You have one younger brother.
. randal (v) to remove, move. Dimbalel Omar mu randal taabul bi. Help Omar to move the table.
. randalkat (n) thief (slang). Randalkat bu mag la. He is a big thief.
. randu (v) to move (to the side). Waxal paa bi mu randu. Tell the old man to move.
. rapaas (n) servant. Kooku suñu rapaas la woon. That person was our servant.
. ras (v) to gather, frown (face), pleat. Yaa ngi ras sa kanam gi. You have frowned your face.
. rasu (va) to be gathered. Dina rasu su kanamee. It will be gathered later.
. raw (v) to drown. Xale bi dina raw ci bii géej gi. The child will drown in the sea.
. rawal (v) to smuggle, make escape. Rawal neñu garab yi ci biir géej gi. They smuggled the drug through the sea.
. rawale (n) smuggling. Maa gaaw ci nawale rajo. I’m fast in smuggling a radio.
. rawalekat (n) smuggler, thief. Musaa rawalekat la. Musa is a smuggler.
. raxas (v) to wash. Buga naa raxas suma kawar gi. I want to wash my hair.
. raxasu (v) to wash (oneself). Laamin dafa bugga raxasu lool. Lamin likes to wash alot.
. ree (v) to laugh. Dinaa ree ca kow. I will laugh loudly.
. reega (va) to be full. Lekka na be reega. He has eaten to his satisfaction.
. reelu (n) funny. Waajii ku reelu la. This man is funny.
. reen (n) roots. This year. Reen yi ci garab gii dëgër uñu. The roots of the tree are not strong.
. reendi (v) to slaughter. Kaay rendi xar mi. Come slaughter the sheep.
. reer (n) dinner. Xaaral reer Samba. Samba, wait for dinner.
. rees (n) liver. Dumaa lekka res. I don’t eat liver.
. rees (v) to digest, unswell. Maalo minga lekka diña rees. The rice you ate will digest.
. reew (va) to be rude, be impudent. Xale bii dafa réew. This child is rude.
. réecu (v) to regret. Réecu naa li tax dem uma saabiji. I regret why I didn’t go to Saabiji.
. réer (v) to be lost. Daala yi deñu réer. The shoes are lost.
. réeral (v) to lose. Mbindaan mee réeral caabi yi. The maid lost the keys.
. réew (n) country. Gambia réew mu naat la. Gambia is doing well.
. rekk (adv) only. Jox ma been sondeel rekk. Give me one candle only.
. ren (n) this year. Suma maam dina aji maaka ren. My grand-mother will go to pilgrimage this year.
. rew (n) stripes, stretch marks. Yangi am rew ci sa yaram bi yep. You have stretch marks all over your body.
. rey (v) to kill, slaughter. Wuyul (?) buuse bi mu rey nak bi. Call the butcher to kill the cow.
. réeba (va) to be loose.
. résëñ (n) grape, currant. Résëñ dafa seer fi. Grapes are expensive here.
. réy (va) to be large, big. Suma tubey bi dafaa réy torop. My trousers are too big.
. rëbba/robba (v) to hunt. Dinaa robba ay picca. I will hunt birds.
. rëcca (v) to escape. Sacca ba angi bugga recca polis bi. The thief wants to escape from the police.
. rëdda (v) to write, make a line. Mënuta rëddamu job su jellut banta. (?) He cannot draw a straight line without a ruler.
. rëkka (v) to hit (on the back). Ustaas (?) rëkka nama ci ganaaw. My Arabic teacher hit me on my back.
. rëndee (v) to cook. Typical rural wolof word for cooking. Looy rëndee añ ? What are you cooking for lunch ?
. rënka (n) crooked legs. Tanki waxambaane bi daafa rënka. The boy’s legs are crooked.
. rënxa (v) to ripen. Rënxa ko ci saaku bi. Keep it in the sack to ripen it.
. rës (v) to dwindle. Liñu deñca rës na ci dara. What we kept dwindled into nothing.
. rëxa (n) sprain. Suma baaram bee rëxa. My finger sprained.
. rido (n) curtains. Nëk bi amul aay rido. The house has no curtains.
. rigiñ (v) to mash.
. riib (v) to rub, smear, to spread. Mey ma menta laato ma riib suma jë bi. Give me some mentholatum to rub in my forehead.
. riir (v) to sound, attack. Deglul riir bi. Listen to the sound.
. riis (va) to be rich, wealthy. Beykat yi riis neñ leegi. The farmers are rich now.
. riitée (v) to chase. Polis yangee riitée saca bi. The police are chasing the thief.
. riiti (n) violin. Traditional (especially with Fulas). Pol yi ñoo muna riiti. The Fulas can play the violin.
. risit (n) receipt. Bindal ma risit. Write a receipt for me.
. róbine (n) standpipe. Róbine bi dafa tég. The standpipe is closed.
. roj (n) insect (very tiny insect), mosquitoes. Roj bee ma maata. The mosquitoes bit me.
. romba (v) to pass, go by. Loolu romba na. Faate ko. That has passed. Forget it.
. ron (n) rhum palm. Ron bu ñuul la dëgër. A black rhum palm is strong.
. ron (prep) under. Saabu bangi ci ron lal bi. The soap is under the bed.
. rongoñ (n) tears. Fu rongoñ yi joggée. Where are the tears from ?
. ronu (v) to undermine. Daf ko ronu be xam seekerem bi. He undermined him until he knows his secret.
. roob (v) to bury. Roob neñu niiw bi be pare. We have already buried the corpse.
. rooba (n) dress. Sa rooba bi dafa daŋ. Your dress is tight.
. rooceeku (va to be bruised). Luppam yee rooceeku. Her thighs are bruised.
. rooceeku (v) to sneak (slang). Deñu rooceeku benna benna. They sneaked out one by one.
. rooci (v) to extract. Dama ko rooci ci bagaas yi. I extracted it from the luggage.
. roof (v) to insert, stuff. Roof ko foofu. Stuff it there.
. roose (v) to water trees, garden, plant, etc. Di naa rooseh garab yi. I will water the trees.
. root (v) to fetch (water), fetch, traditional exchange of s (?), draw (water). Fi ñu dee rootee dafa sori fi. Where we fetch water is far away from here.
. roy (v) to spread, imitate, copy. Neñu roy ci ñu baax ñi. Let’s copy from the good ones.
. rucci (v) to extract. Rucci ko dafaa lekka. Extract it. It’s hot.
. rus (v) to be ashamed. Suma la gisee dama dee rus. I feel ashamed when I see you.
. ruubaate (va) to jumble, pu in disorder. Sa solu bi dafa ruubaate. Your outfit is jumbled up.
. ruuj (v) to turn, clear (the soil before cultivation). Ruuj na toolam be mu set. He has cleared his field.
. ruus (v) to shed, flake. Xobi garab bangee russ. The leaves are shedding.
. ruux (v) to poke, instigate. Yenna ñu ruux ci lii. You guys instigated us into this.
. ruux (n) soul. Yàlla dee amee ruux. God usually has the soul.
. rux-ruxi (va) to jumble, go in and out in a confused or disordered manner. Buleen rux-ruxi lekka yi. You (pl.) don’t jumble up the food.
. ruy (n) pap. Toogal ko ruy. Cook pap for him.


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